The Band

4 Man Flight Crew - BAND

A very experienced and professional function band that have done countless gigs since 2010! They cover songs from different decades and put their own spin on them to take you on a funk voyage. A set filled with popular tracks, that will get people of all ages up on the dance floor. 

For a small outfit, Bad Asteroids create a full sound by using various live effects that often leave audiences searching for the hidden members. Expect funky beats, grooving bass, driving guitar and soulful vocals. Perfect for any occasion, especially weddings! 

2 Man Flight Crew - ACOUSTIC DUO

The Bad Asteroids Acoustic Duo began as a side project a few years ago that has since grown into a separate experience of it's own. A more intimate set and sound, but with the same energy and spontaneity of the full band. 

The acoustic duo isn't just a voice and an acoustic guitar. Between the pair, they use percussive instruments and live loops to create multiple layers and a unique sound that can adjust dynamically to suit the audience. They can shift from relaxing acoustic favourites, to tracks that use live looping, thumping stomp boxes and shakers to create an atmosphere you can dance to. 

The duo is a popular choice during the day for weddings, followed by the band in the evening. If your venue is limited for space, the duo is also a perfect little party powerhouse for your evenings entertainment!