How Long do Bad Asteroids play for?

We usually play two 45 minute sets but can play for longer if you require, for example 3 x 40 minute sets, or 2 x 60 minute sets. If you are looking for a wedding band for hire that can cater for your specific requirements, then we are happy to help! We can arrange performance times to suit your needs, or if you need to check with us, or want some advice on what works best then please get in touch. As we include our DJ option, we can fill up time we are not playing live with this. 


How many are in the band and what instruments do you play?

They're are four of us in the band. Guitar, bass, drums and vocals. We're a small band, but don't be fooled, with the use of added effects and seasoned musicians at the healm of the instruments, we make a big sound and get the most out of our setup. 


Where can we see you? 

We do have public gigs all throughout the year that you can come and see us at. Sometimes we have months where we don't have free weekends to gig publicly. If we're not playing a public gig that is convenient for you, let us know if you would like to see us play live and we can arrange for you to come to a rehearsal to meet the band and hear a few songs. 


Do you need a deposit? 

We ask for a 10% deposit of the total fee which will secure your date in our diary. The deposit is deducted from the total fee with the balance payable on or before the date of our performance.


Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not! We supply all PA equipment, lighting and anything else your events needs. We’ll send you a written confirmation of all details of your event after you have booked so that you have complete peace of mind.


Is there anything we need to do after we have secured our date with the band?

Once we have received confirmation of your event, we will be in touch to confirm all timings and technical details, either directly with yourselves, the venue or via the organiser. 


How long does is take you to set up?

It takes us 60 minutes from arriving to be set up and ready to play for you, this is based on the room that we are performing in is clear and ready for us to set up upon arrival. 


Can you set up much earlier than when you perform so it doesn't disturb wedding proceedings?

Yes we can set up at whatever time you would like on your big day, but we might charge a little extra to account for the extra time on site. 


I’m worried that the music will be too loud, can you turn it down?

Yes. We are very careful about how loud we play. We try to aim all our sound at the dance floor, so that your guests elsewhere in the room don’t have to shout to be heard. If you feel at any point that we are too loud, we will always turn down. There is a limit however to how quiet we can play due to the natural acoustic sound of our instruments. We would advise caution if your venue has a sound limiter installed as this can often cause problems with live music.


Can the band play our first dance?

We’d love to! All we ask is that you give us enough time to learn your song before our performance, ideally one month before the event.


Can I select the bands set list?

You can let us know if there are any songs in particular you really do or don’t want us to play, and some guidance over styles you prefer is absolutely fine but in general we’d ask to leave the individual song selection to us. Our job is to keep the dance floor full, and we know what works!


What is your dress code?

We all dress smartly, usually we wear suits and ties. If you would prefer us to dress more casually then just let us know!


Can you provide the DJ?

Yes. We can supply a DJ service for you as part of our complete entertainment package for a very competitive price. We do as good a job as any professional DJ and we can play any of your favourite songs if you send us a list in advance.


How long do you DJ for?

We usually finish the DJ service at 1am but can play for longer for an additional fee.


Can I pick a playlist for the DJ?

Yes. We encourage you to give us a list of songs you like, so we can incorporate them into the DJ set.